The two ants

Here at twoants, we like to work hard, but refuse to take ourselves too seriously. Most of the time we’re hunched over a computer, so the pictures that follow are pretty outdated – we might even be carrying an extra few pounds…and no, it’s not us climbing that glacier.


Business developer

With extensive skills in business startup and marketing, Socrates is the man with a plan; he’s the one you’ll hear on the end of the phone, the person you’ll meet for discussions, the one who’ll listen to your worries and take on board your feedback. A serial entrepreneur, he’s skilled in business operations, customer solutions and promotion. Oh, and he takes a mean photograph too.


Web & graphic designer

Harry is a web designer with an interest in business psychology, and understands perfectly how people interact with digital media. He has comprehensive skills in design, and has created successful fresh identities for hundreds of new and existing businesses – he’s not too bad at coding, either.


New business coordinator

Katie is an experienced new business coordinator who identifies new potential leads for the growth and development of the business outlet and coordinates their inquiries into viable sales leads.

Our company is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, but that doesn’t stop us wishing we could move to somewhere slightly more exotic and a little less rainy. We welcome calls and enquiries at any time, and have a large conference room available for discussions and meetings.

We are honest, understanding and pleasant to be around; we like to communicate in simple, good old fashioned words, without using jargon or unnecessary terminology. Our clients are important to us, and our main aim is to keep them happy, satisfied and proud of their investment.

However, it’s not just us rowing the boat; we have a trusted team of partners, each with their own expertise, who step in and assist when necessary, and we all join together under the twoants header. Why the name? The company is founded by two individuals who work together and coordinate beautifully, without bragging about their individual experience and skills. Humble, but hard-working ants.