Most people often underestimate the importance of good photography for their website. Whether you are running a business or just selling your house Photography can be a very important and powerful selling tool, the adage that a picture speaks a thousand words is very true. With the invention of today’ cameras, people are often taking photographs with their own hands. The result of this will always have a negative effect, especially with internal photography. Without the right tools and knowledge images are usually dark distorted, badly composed or maybe too bright.
Photographs and images are often the first things the eye is drawn to. The text is not always read except the viewer has an interest in it. People’s attention period can be very short, a matter of seconds while viewing web pages. To overcome this use of well-designed layout and professional photographs will capture the viewer’s attention resulting in them spending more hours on the site. When their attention is captured they are more likely to read the whole site and hopefully take the next step of placing that all-essential order with you.
Photography is a good way to connect with your target audience; people who make a visit to your site want to see your product or service. Yes, they want to read and know about what you do or offer, but first, they want to see an example. Why do we think that giving them a second rate example is acceptable?

Why is it important to have good photography on my website?

This is very easy to answer. Humans are very visual and tend to look first before asking questions later. Essentially, this means our brains will focus on the images before reading the words on a website. On a more biological level, our brains store more web photograph in our long-term memory whereas text is always stored in our short-term memory. An image will sink in our brains much faster than words on a web page do. It goes without saying that words are very important to help customers learn more about your product or services, as well as increasing the chances of your web pages to rank higher in search engines results. However, as your brand website has only a few seconds to make the right first impression, it’s the images or photographs that customers will tend to look at first, thereby being a key factor in determining whether they will stay on your website or leave your website.

Good photography is often used in your website for many purposes. It can showcase your expertise, help to reinforce a point you want to make or be used to evoke an emotion in your customers or users. The best option is to show a photograph of your team at your premises. This is a good way to communicate the personal side of your business to your prospective customers and helps build trust in your company/brand. Photography is also important from a usability point of view. A good website page must include relevant photographs that help the user journey by acting as signposts to help users navigate to the page they want swiftly and also easily.

There are three common ways to acquire good photography for your website.

1. Take the photos by yourself (which most of the time is done with shoot camera and a point)

2. Stock photography (these are images taken by professional photographers and sold to websites that then resell rights to those who buys a copy of the image)

3. Have a professional photographer shoot the product, location, and people

Stock photography has always been improving their quality and prices over the years. You can find about anything you want and get very quality images for minimal cost. However, there are several problems that make stock photography not the best option when selecting photography for your website. Below I have outlined a few disadvantages of using stock photography.

1. Your competitor might use the same photographs that you make use off.

2. You have the rights to use the image but these rights are restricted. For instance, you are not allowed to use certain stock photography on Facebook.

3. Although there are millions of photographs to choose from on stock photography websites if you want a particular photograph of a person or product it may become very hard and time-consuming to locate that image. For instance, it may be very hard to find a photograph that connects your clients to a traditional town where you are offering a product or service.

This brings the reasons why having your photographs shot by a professional photographer may be the very best option.

1. Depending on the professional photographer and the terms they set up, you may have full rights to use the photographs they take in any way you want.

2. By hiring a professional photographer, you decide what exact types of the photograph you want. (If you are not sure what images you need, then the photographer or your web designer or brand can give you advice as to what type of photography would benefit your website the most).

3. Having photos of your employees or local people will link the end user more than a stock photo of a model that has no link to your brand. Making use of people makes your brand’s product or service seem more local and tangible. (Even though stock photos can be the way to go if you need to have some anonymity).

In summary, taking photos with a point-and-shoot camera is not always recommended if you want quality photography on your website design. Stock photography can work in some situations but can give a cookie-cutter effect. Hiring a professional photographer and having the best quality photography on your website will have a great influence on the design of your website. Let me show you an instance of how the quality of your photography influences how the end user can view your product or service on your website.