Visual Branding.

Whether you’re an established organisation or a brand new business, you can look to us to best articulate who you are, what you do.

Logo Design

Your point of recognition

Logos are all around us. Everywhere you look there is a chance you’ll see a logo. For the public a logo stands as a reminder of a company, a product or a service. It’s a point of recognition for a brand. Incorporating a company’s ideology, ethos and vision on a single graphic is challenging enough, and what makes it even more challenging is coming up with a logo that stands out in the sea of several corporate identities, one that is easy to remember yet different and unique. We are here to help you find your defining logo that will proudly represent your company with strong visual impact that’s unique, smart and original.

Print Design

Making a strong impression

Your company’s visual communication is not only limited to online media but is also reflected in printed communications. Whether it’s a letter, an envelope, a business card, a flyer or a poster, in all those forms of communication there is space for creative concepts that will help your brand stand out and make a strong impression. Imagine that you have a meeting with one of your customers and you pass on to them some of your print materials, a brochure or a business card. Make a lasting impression after your meeting, by ensuring that your company branding stands the test the time and continues to grab attention long after the face to face discussion has ended.

Photography & Video

Your visual media

The internet is a visual media. Your website visitors eat with their eyes and the first thing to consume will be your photos. They will only move to your written content once the overall visual experience has captured their interest. Your website images have to be fit for purpose and need to match your website and not the other way around. You may have access to an online photo library or you can even just Google the images you are looking for but that will never be authentic, original or entirely suitable for your needs. You need photographs that have been taken specifically for your purpose and finely represent who you are and what your business is all about.