#1 Mobile comes first in design

With the rise of mobile phones as the primary device for surfing the web, more and more companies take a different approach that what we are used to and focus on designing for mobile first and then working up to bigger ones. The importance of having a site that delivers content effectively across all devices is crucial if you want to lead the game.

#2 Originality

Since the shift to material design elements with solid shapes, single pastel colours and flat icons more and more websites now look alike. This rise of common UI elements may do place user experience as the most important factor in a design but has resulted in lack of authenticity and originality.

Brands who want to stand out will have to look for originality in the remaining design elements of a website with photography being one of the most crucial. Stock images of business men sat around a table or giving thumbs up not only won’t work anymore but may well be damaging.

#3 Animations

Browsers are more capable and devices are now more powerful. It is only natural that animations have found a welcoming environment to unfold their full potential in their goal of delivering a unique approach to communication and improving the user experience.

With the rise of HTML5 and jQuery it is now possible to create unique animation elements that capture the user’s attention, and all that within the boundaries of platform or device compatibility.

#4 Video at it’s best

An infographic from Hubspot suggests that by 2018, 79% of all internet traffic will be video and that 50% of all mobile traffic today, is already video based. Video has taken over the internet as it is the most successful means of delivering content. If a picture tells a thousand words then video does much more. It captures the user attention and along with the use of audio it appeals to the emotion of the viewer with a much bigger impact than traditional photography.

A lot of websites already make use of video backgrounds instead of photos or slideshows and this is a trend we expect to see more and more businesses integrate into their online marketing approach.

#5 Less Fear for Colour

This is the year the use bold, bright, vibrant colours. Whereas in the past most brand designers where sticking to what is web-safe, more and more and being braver in their use of colour. Technology has also helped by making advancements in screen technology both in desktop monitor but mobile phones as well, delivering vibrant, over-saturated rich colours even on a 5 inch screen.